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Todd, Libby, and Amy get together to discuss the antepenultimate and penultimate episodes of this season of Parenthood, along with some thoughts on why Hank has been the season's best character, some relief at the end of Drew's storyline, and some choice words for those who think Julia shouldn't have slept with Mr. Knight. Also, Amy gives Steel Magnolias power rankings.

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Todd, Amy, and Libby gather to find out just how much exposition Jason Katims can shovel into this show and still have it turn out feeling like Parenthood. The surprising answer: a lot.

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Todd, Amy, and Libby have finally enjoyed an episode of Parenthood again, and it's just nice for them to talk about an episode where most everything worked for them. Also, we recorded this like a week ago, so, yes, we're still behind, but we'll catch up, we promise.

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Yeah, we're still a week behind, but we're just going to go with it for now, because we're super excited to at least be on a regular schedule again. Todd, Libby, and Amy meet up to talk about the Bravermans in "Limbo," including what happens when they all start fighting around the dinner table. Actually, Todd is sick, so this one is mostly Libby and Amy. Eat your heart out, Todd anti-fans!

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Though the Olympics got in Todd, Amy, and Libby's way, they roused themselves just long enough to pull together a podcast on season five's 15th and 16th episodes... before Todd never put it together, so now the 17th episode has aired. Never mind, though, because this will be an enchanting trip down memory lane, with lots and lots of awkward sidebars and some complicated discussion of how Joel and Julia's marriage is falling apart pretty much because they won't just have an argument already.

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So, we recorded this back on January 26, then Todd totally spaced on putting it together. So you're getting it now, almost two weeks later! But that's okay, because this episode contains an epic Libby rant, Amy talking about how the Bravermans don't know what privilege is, and Todd just trying to hang on. Enjoy!

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Sure, this is TECHNICALLY about episodes 10 AND 11, but it's ACTUALLY about episode 11, mostly, because episode 10 was kind of boring. So Todd, Libby, and Amy are going to talk at length about the awesomeness of Hank, the slow dissolution of Joel and Julia, and whatever is up with Sarah. Also, they're going to talk about how hilarious it is that Adam and Kristina make people read books to better understand their family. What up, Bravermans?

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It's time to find out if Kristina Braverman will win or lose in her quest for the mayorship of Berkeley. Along the way, though, Todd, Amy, and Libby will confront the horrors of Julia and Joel's marriage, talk a little bit about whom all of the Bravermans voted for in the 2012 presidential election, and examine Sarah's surprise feminism.

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Libby is away for the week, so Todd and Amy make their usual mischief, with discussion of the season's eighth episode. Included are thoughts on Kristina Braverman's campaigning methods, Zeek's special alone time, and Crosby trying to gender norm everybody.

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Speaking of baggage, Todd, Amy, and Libby are here to talk about another strong episode of Parenthood, and they will at once cry many tears over the departure of Camille (FOREVER?!?!?!?!), find Julia strangely involving, and ignore Todd when he tries to get everybody to talk about Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (with good reason).

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